Our Statement

We are dedicated to one simple but powerful belief: denying access to justice is an injustice.


A fair and inclusive society that promotes and protects human rights and equality before the law.

Our Mission Statement

To empower and support disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community to address their legal needs.


  1. We lead the advancement of justice through the provision of community legal services within a holistic framework.
  1. We empower our community by promoting and enhancing human rights and access to justice.
  1. We serve our communities and individuals, focusing on helping those most in needs.
  1. We provide free legal services, community legal education, systemic advocacy, community engagement and social support services.
  1. We strengthen our sustainability by having a diversified independent fund and in kind development program, which supplements our income from government agencies.
  1. We strengthen our reputation, our services and operations, and our sustainability through a strong, community-focused approach, engaging in continuous quality improvement and evidence-based decision making and using research and evaluation to inform and assess our practice.


Fairness – we treat all people justly, reasonably and in a non-discriminatory manner and strive for a fairer justice system

Empowerment – we work towards strengthening the capacity of all people, either as individuals or members of a community, to understand their rights, pursue their interests and understand their responsibilities.

Accessibility – we seek to ensure that all members of our community are able to use and benefit from PCLC services, activities and premises.

Respect – we treat others with dignity and in a manner which demonstrates regard for their feelings, wishes, autonomy and rights.

Independence – we are free from external control or influence and are therefore unfettered in our ability to speak for our clients and our community.

Quality – we maintain a culture of continuous quality improvement and we strive for excellence in our operations and service delivery.

Strategic Goals

  • Deliver high quality and holistic community legal services, targeting individuals and communities most in need.
  • Connect with our communities and collaborate with other organisations to understand and respond to community legal need.
  • Actively engage in systemic advocacy to promote and enhance human rights and ensure access to justice.
  • Build and maintain a healthy and sustainable organisation.
  • Demonstrate leadership within our community and the legal assistance sector.

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